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Are you a consumer resident in the EU, Norway or Iceland with a complaint against a trader based in a EU country different than yours, Iceland or Norway?
Have you already contacted the trader in writing but you have not received a reply or you were not able to agree on a satisfying solution?

Send us your case by simply filling in our online complaint form.

Read and follow the instructions in the form carefully.

The "Problem description" field allows you to describe your complaint in max. 2000 characters.

Important: In order to assess your complaint, please attach copies of all relevant documents, such as a copy of the contract, the order confirmation, or proof of payment, previous correspondence with the trader, etc.

Fields marked "*" are mandatory.

By filling in the country of your residence, the complaint will be automatically sent to your competent European Consumer Centre (the consumer ECC).

In order to fill in and submit the complaint form, you must have installed Adobe Reader version 8.1.2. or higher.

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