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Consumer's Telegram June 2021

Insert of n. 45 - Editorial office: Centro Europeo Consumatori (European Consumer Centre Italy - Bolzano office)

Why it is not Always Convenient to Use Websites of Booking Intermediaries
The web is very useful for researching, shopping, making reservations of all kinds. The sites of booking intermediaries, which populate a large part of the internet, are often useful because they group different offers and give the consumer the opportunity to find them all in the same place. However, regarding the purchase of a plane ticket, the advice of the European Consumer Centre (ECC) is to consult the airline's website directly, to avoid unpleasant inconveniences in which you risk to stumble upon booking portals. For advice on booking a flight and knowing what problems you might encounter on intermediary platforms, read our press release, at the link:

A Look at our Successes
Europe Day is celebrated on 9th May of each year. For the occasion, the European Consumer Centre (ECC) looked back to the past year, and focus better on the future afterwards. In a year 2020 that was very difficult for everyone, the network of European Consumer Centres ECC-Net had to work even harder than usual to support consumers to solve their problems. ECC-Net was thus able to positively resolve over 70% of the cases in which it was involved, recovering almost 4 million euros which returned to consumers who had made complaints related to the pandemic. More information at the link:

Multi-Million Fine Imposed to Carrier
The fine recently imposed on the British airline easyJet for unfair business practices amounts to just under 3 million euros. The main subject of the investigation by the Italian Market Authority (AGCM) was the conduct of the airline with regard to the cancellation of flights from June 3, 2020, as from that date freedom of movement in Italy was no longer restricted. In the course of the AGCM's investigation and the € 2.8 million fine, easyJet has committed to improve its service. Read more about it at:

A consumer from Italy ordered flowers for Valentine's Day for his girlfriend from a German website. The flowers were not delivered and the company refused to refund the price because the address was allegedly incorrect. Next time – the company said – he should give the recipients’ phone number so that they can be found. The consumer was annoyed because the address was of course given correctly and the telephone number was not missing either. Even a public complaint on an Internet portal did not help, so he turned to ECC Italy, which forwarded the case to ECC Germany. As proof of how easy it is to find the address, the consumer enclosed a screenshot of an online map service and photos of the house entrance and the doorbell with the recipient's name. With success: after the intervention of the ECC Germany, the flower delivery service showed its understanding and reimbursed the amount paid.