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Consumer's Telegram September 2019

Insert of n. 70 - Editorial office: Centro Europeo Consumatori (European Consumer Centre Italy - Bolzano office)


Complain Correctly in Case of Travel Shortages

Not for every holidaymaker the long-awaited break was as relaxing as expected. From construction noise, broken room facilities, lack of cleanliness to bedbugs: the range of travel shortages is broad. What can Mr and Mrs Holidaymaker practically do?
One should immediately complain in a written form. If someone does not report defects during the stay addressing the hotel management, one will have a bad chance of winning afterwards. Just describing deficiencies ist not enough here. Therefore holidaymakers should gather evidence, for example by taking significant pictures and videos. Please, set the hotel also a deadline according to the circumstances to find a remedy. In such a way deficiencies can be remedied quickly and easily and the holiday can be enjoyed as booked, nevertheless.
If someone complained directly on-site and did not reach any accommodation, after the arrival at home one should claim again a price reduction or a compensation in writing. The European Consumer Centre (ECC) offers sample letters, professional advice and support for free.


How Cancellation of a Hotel Booking is Regulated

"I booked a hotel room but did not make use of the room. Now the hotel owner asks me to pay the full price. Do I really have to pay?", asks a consumer the ECC.
A hotel booking usually cannot be cancelled free of charge indeed. How much one has to pay in the end is stated in the booking conditions. In these cases, apart from legal conditions, consumers should always try to talk to the hotel management to avoid a financial loss. For example, one could ask to postpone the stay or try to find another guest instead. Find more information about this topic on the website of the ECC:


Streaming Subscription Traps do not Stop

Every week consumers still contact the ECC in Bolzano because they have received a request of payment by providers of streaming supscription traps: After the expiry of a free testing phase users receive a request of payment via email. If no payment is made, users will be called or sent a reminder or both. If neither calls nor reminders succeed, users are contacted by self-proclaimed collection agencies and threatened with a levy of execution.
Do not be intimidated by threats, for example threats of attachment.
- Do not pay!
- Use our sample letters that can be downloaded directly from our website free of charge.


Thousands of Euros Lost because of Online Trading

Every day the ECC is contacted by consumers that report losses on online trading platforms. Most of the consumers were acquired by a phone call: The self-proclaimed consultants promised the consumers very high returns for their investments. Other affected persons said that they had been attracted by promotions on social networks. Adding up all the amounts reported, these consumers lost 600,000 euros of their savings only within one week. The money was sent abroad by bank transfer to Dubai, Belize or Estonia and the chances of reiceiving the money back are extremely low.
Do not fall for such traps by accepting such tempting offers but read on the website of the ECC how this trick works!