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Consumer's Telegram February 2019

Insert of n. 13 - Editorial office: Centro Europeo Consumatori (European Consumer Centre Italy - Bolzano office)


Helicopter rescue costs as much as holiday itself

Naturally, when travelling through Europe you should always take along your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as it allows making use of necessessary medical treatment at the same conditions that are provided for citizens of the country you are visiting. But the EHIC might no be enough! Not everybody knows that, for instance, that being rescued by a helicopter in case of an accident on an Austrian ski slope can cost some thousands of euros, most of it must be paid out of your own pocket.
Therefore, the advice of the European Consumer Centre (ECC) is to make that you are sufficiently insured. A suitable insurance might be included in the conditions of your credit card or in the membership of a leisure-, sports- or rescue club. Moreover, some ski resorts offer such an insurance at an additional charge on the ski pass.
For more information about this issue view the webpage of the ECC.


Safer Internet Day 2019

This year the Safer Internet Day took place on the 5th of February under the heading "Together for a Safer Internet". Every internet user should be encouraged to participate in the global movement, to make his own contribution by behaving in a friendly way and with respect towards others and to report inappropriate or illegal contents.
The ECC continuously tried to make its contribution to more security on the web and informs, for example, on its website about the newest tricks and cases of frauds and rip-offs. A brochure with a lot of information about e-commerce can be downloaded there as well for free.


Updated version of ECC-net: Travel APP is available

With the ECC-Net: Travel App the netword of the European Consumer's Centre (ECC-Net) offers a Travel App with legal information, practical support and language assistance in one single application. The content of this app has been updated recently and an extensive technical update was made as well. The app is available in all 30 countries of the Network as well as in all EU Member States, Norway and Iceland: it works in 25 languanges, can be used offline too and is available for free in the Apple App Store (for iOS) and in Google Playstore (for Android).

An Italian consumer was denied boarding at the airport because a British airline did not accept his identity card. Subsequently, the consumer had to book a second flight. This time the passenger could board successfully. Afterwards the consumer contacted the ECC Italy in order to claim the refund of the second flight ticket. ECC Italy forwarded the case to ECC UK that contacted the airline. However, the airline explained that the consumer had shown an identity card in paper format the picture of which was loose. There was no possibility to clarify immediately if the identity card in this form would be valid because the deadlines for boarding are very tight. The consumer was able to board the second flight because an official confirmation of the Italian Police had been obtained in the meantime. Thus, the airline had referred to inadequate travel documents and had rejected a refund.
ECC Italy strongly recommends that passengers should make sure that all travel documents are in good condition and valid before departure in order to avoid such incidents. The Italian Foreign Ministry provides a lot of useful information on its website, among them also information about the necessary travel documents for one's travel destination.