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Consumer's Telegram Aprile 2016

Insert of n. 27 - Editorial office: Centro Europeo Consumatori (European Consumer Centre, Bolzano - Italy)

Holiday boookings online – Does indicated price correspond to final price?
Currently the network of the European Consumers Centres (ECC-Net) is running a „Joint Project“ with regard to online bookings: Does the indicated price correspond to the end price? In the year 2015 many consumers complained at the ECC-Net about the fact that the paid price, that is to say, the price that had to be paid for online booked flights, hotels or rental cars, was higher than the price originally stated by the vendor. Have you experienced something similiar too? Under the following link you can participate in the survey.

March 15th – World Consumer Day – New brochure about e-commerce
During the last years internet and digital technologies have been changing drastically our world. All consumers having internet access can profit from digital revolution and take clear advantages of it. One important issue is information because only informed consumers can do their online shopping safely. Therefore, the European Consumers Centre (ECC) Bolzano/Bozen has collected and published the most important information, rights and tipps about e-commerce. The brochure can be downloaded for free from our website.
The same version in paperform is available in our office on Brennerstraße 3 in Bolzano/Bozen as well as in the offices of the consumer centres South Tyrol.

Car purchase in another EU member state: A good deal?
Many EU-comsumers are looking for a bargain in a non-EU state when they intend to purchase a car. They are in search for a certain model, a good offer or simply want to have more choice. In the year 2015 ECC France conducted a comprehensive study among twentynine European Consumers Centres about obstacles consumers encounter when buying cars from abroad. The ECC has just worked out a series of instructions with the aim of providing consumers, who want to make a cross-border car purchase or a purchase in Norway, practical advice about every step they take. Their advices range from negotiations to registration in the home country. All these documents can be downloaded in English.
The European Consumers Centre Bolzano/Bozen offers more information, practical advice and help by calling 0471/980939 or getting in contact via

Case of the month
An Italian consumer ordered at a German online-seller two used, but flawless mud guards for the car at the prize of 350 Euro. Since the good had not been delivered, the consumer asked about the shipping. The company told the consumer that the good had been delivered but had returned again because the package was alledgedly too large. The consumer even had to pay 40 Euro extra because shipping for a large package would be more expensive. The consumer agreed. However, as soon as the consumer noticed that the used mud guards were not really flawless and showed scratches and dents, the consumer wanted to cancel the order at all. The company promised to refund 350 Euro that were paid in advance, but the transaction has never been completed. Therefore, the consumer contacted ECC Bolzano/Bozen that asked for intervention of ECC Germany. They were successful and within a short period of time the consumer got the money back.