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Consumer's Telegram January 2016

Insert of n. 6 - Editorial office: Centro Europeo Consumatori (European Consumer Centre, Bolzano - Italy)


Flight cancelled or delayed: Do I receive compensation easily?

Since the beginning of the year 2015, the European Consumer's Centre has received complaints from consumers from all over Europe, who had difficulties receiving compensation payments in case of flight delays or cancellations. If an airline has to cancel a flight or offers an alternative flight, the passengers has to be informed first. The passenger is entitled to a compensation, depending just on how the announcement has been made (in due time) and how far the new departure time (and arrival time) deviates from the original one. Concerning this matter the right for a compensation exists in case of flight cancellations as well as in case of delays of more than three hours. The amount of compensation depends on the lenght of the flight route. One is not entitled to a compensation when the reason for delay is outside the responsibility or influence of the airline.
The European Consumer's Centre (ECC) in Bolzano/Bozen is at your disposal for further information.


Timesharing and contracts for long-term holiday products: let us clarify a few points!

Timesharing, holiday clubs, extra weeks and holiday vouchers – these are only a few of many offers you probably may have noticed when planning your holiday or during your holiday in a beautiful, sunny holiday resort. Consumers need to be well informed about their rights, even though current EU-law already regulates the conclusion of timesharing contracts and contracts for long-term holiday products. Only when being well informed one can make a concious choice to conclude such a contract and above all to make sure that the sellers respect law. The European Commission published also a report in supplement of the ECC-Net report concerning Timesharing, that examines current law.
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Any consumer can very often be confronted with insurmountable obstacles when facing problems with car rental companies. This happened to a Spanish consumer, who had rented a car to spend a romantic weekend with his partner on the Amalfi Coast. The consumer returned the rented car in the same state as he had received it: there were not any dents or scratches. Nevertheless, the company debited a considerable amount from the consumer's credit card. The explanation to his question was that a burnt mark had been noticed on the car seat, caused by a burning cigarette or cigar. The consumer, being a non-smoker, did not manage to persuade the company of his innocence and asked for help at the Spanish ECC that transferred the case to the ECC Bolzano/Bozen. The ECC Bolzano/Bozen emphasized in his complaint the fact that the consumers are non-smokers and therefore the damage cannot be caused by the couple at all. In order to gather more evidence, the car rental company even received a corresponding medical certificate. The case had been investigated again and in the end the debited amount was refunded to the consumer.