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European Consumer Centre (ECC) Italy Bolzano office

Consumer's Telegram September 2015

Insert of n. 62 - Editorial office: Centro Europeo Consumatori (European Consumer Centre, Bolzano - Italy)

Holiday and Travel

A widespread disbelief: Withdrawing from any kind of contract free of charge

This summer the consultants of the European Consumer Centre (ECC) Bozen/Bolzano had to inform many consumers about the fact that withdrawing from contracts free of charge in the leisure sector is only an exception. In recent years the awareness on consumers' rights has increased without question. At the same time, false beliefs on the part of users and consumers have increased too. One of the most widespread wrong assumption is the belief that one is allowed to withdraw from a contract all the times and this even for free. The risk to fall ill or not to use a service for some other reason is at the expense of the consumer and not to the disadvantage of the hotel operator, travel agent or airline. The European Consumer's Centre (ECC) in Bozen/Bolzano summarized consumers' rights and obligations in case of cancellations of service contracts publishing useful information sheets.

Car Rental

No car despite having a credit card

You have made a car hire reservation online by credit card, nevertheless you can't rent the car. The ECC explains the reason! “Unfortunately, we're talking about a common mistake because you can make online purchases without problems with a prepaid credit card. This fact makes consumers believe that this method of payment is possible also in case of car rental. However, this is a mistake. The consumer always has to leave a deposit when renting a car, motorbikes or other vehicles in order to cover possible damage that may occur during the rental time”, explains the ECC-consultant. A prepaid credit card can be used when booking, but car rental agencies usually ask the consumers to show a conventional credit card registered in the name of the holder when collecting the rental car. Read more on our homepage.

Holiday and Travel

A dream of low-cost flights: Booking portals and their pitfalls

Many consumers take the well-known and allegedly lighter way of booking online. However, does one always find the best offer on these websites? This booking method seems to be the most simple way but what about service charges and handling of complaints? The European Consumer Centre (ECC) Bozen/Bolzano can answer these questions and summarized the most important issues for you. On our homepage you'll find the most important information about travel and internet. We can also be contacted by phone under 0471 980939.

Case of the month
In January a Belgian consumer purchased two tickets for a football match Roma vs. Juventus on a well-known Italian internet site promoting cultural and sporting events. In the very last moment the match had to be postponed to one day. The consumer and his son was not able to attend at the match because they had already bought flight tickets and could not change them. The European Consumer Centre Bozen/Bolzano contacted the purchase portal and – even though not responsible for the postponement of the match – offered the consumer two new tickets free of charge for another game of free choice. On August 31st the two Belgian supporters watched Roma vs. Juve in the Olympia Stadion!