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Consumer's Telegram Dicember 2015

Insert of n. 83 - Editorial office: Centro Europeo Consumatori (European Consumer Centre, Bolzano - Italy)


Christmas time – time for presents. What you have to be aware of in online shopping

They want to avoid pressure while buying Christmas prsents and they want to use the unlimited choice on the internet: More and more consumers take the decision to do their Christmas shopping online. Thereby it is important to order the present in time and to take into account delivery delays. Otherwise you risk being without present on Christmas eve or on Christmas day. Concerning payment you should not – as far as possible – pay in advance (e. g. Bank transfer, credit card) because getting the product after having payed implies considerable risks. Quite often, though, payment after delivery is not possible at all. In the case that you had payed by credit card and the goods were not delivered you should consider the possibility of a so called Chargeback. More information you'll find on our website.


Tense situation in France and Belgium – insecure passengers

A few weeks ago many consumers contacted the European Consumer's Centre (ECC) because they had planned to travel to Belgium or France in the next days. In view of the current situation many consumers, though, renounced their holidays. However, cancellations with a withdrawal free of charge or changes in booking are only accepted in rare cases. A withdrawal free of charge is only possible when an official travel warning has been issued. The advice to avoid public places and gatherings of people cannot be seen as a travel warning, whereas the advice such as „we recommend you not to travel to the country“ is a clear travel warning. In case of a flight booking, please contact the airline and ask if they have given special indications. The European Consumer's Centre provides more information under the telephone number 0471/980939 as well as under


Exhaust emission scandal of Volkswagen

The VW-concern has recently sold diesel cars that emit more nitrogen oxide and pollute the air more than allowed. VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda are affected. How do I know if my car is affected too? You can find out in your dealer's workshop or online. You only need a vehicle identification number which is written under „E“ in your certification document. More information you will find here.

Case of the month
A German consumer ordered from an Italian internetshop a 15 kilo heavy lamp made of plaster at the price of 1,300 euros. Even though the packaging did not show any damages, the consumer had to notice, after having opened the cardboard box, that the plaster showed a long crack. The consumer immediately informed the company about the damage, sent proof photos and asked to substitute the lamp since a repair was not possible. The company agreed, but the consumer had to send back the broken lamp at her own expense, though provided different by law. She obviously did not agree and contacted the ECC Germany that transmitted the complaint to the ECC Bozen. Our intervention was successful: The company offered not only to substitute the lamp, but the consumer could also keep the broken lamp.